Intelligent Infrastructure

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The world is full of hazards, some more predictable than others. No matter how prepared and careful you are, accidents, emergencies and unforeseen events may still occur. Intelligent infrastructure systems (I.I.S.) maintains the capability to rapidly respond to civil infrastructure emergencies and aid owners with actionable and timely information. Exposure to natural disasters, vehicular accidents, structural issues, and catastrophic events can easily call into question the ability of a bridge to function safely and efficiently. This problem is often exacerbated by intense societal and financial pressures to keep the transportation network functioning per normal standards.

The expertise of intelligent infrastructure system extends beyond structural engineering knowledge, including other technical skills as well as a host of practical considerations. In order to rapidly respond to emergency events both in the United States and abroad, intelligent infrastructure system maintains the following:

(1) Sensor and Data Acquisition Inventory with Current Calibrations.

(2) Open procurement contracts with vendors and shippers.

(3) Several Security Clearances including Federal (T.W.I.C.) and widely accepted private (S.W.A.C.) options.

(4) Current Passports.

Emergency response is founded on the ability to mobilise, but the most critical aspect is having the skills and knowledge to act quickly and decisively in the field. I.I.S. maintains an expert staff who can ‘triage’ an emergency situation and maintain a clear head under pressure. This, combined with the logistical ability to mobilise within hours of receiving notice make I.I.S. a leader in emergency response for civil infrastructure.

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