Tech Development

Architectural technology is the application of technology to the design of buildings.

In the olden days, the system of ornamentation, that was employed to cover up the massive structure, was the result of the efforts of craftsmen, carving and modelling for the enrichment of surfaces which otherwise looked depressing on account of the huge inert masses, considered so essential for strength. With increased technological knowledge and consequent decreased factors of ignorance, the structures have less inert masses and therefore less need for such decoration. This is the reason why the modern buildings are plainer and depend upon precision of outline and perfection of finish for their architectural effect. Also, now that decorative enrichment can be done either by moulding or by machinery, there is not the same virtue in these decorations as they lack the variety and the personal touch of craftsman.

The rapid spread of population in the last hundred and fifty years, together with the development of vehicular transport, has created the necessity for tall multi-storey buildings and sky scrapers. These engineering feats, which compel respect, are structurally so light and delicate and yet are so strong and aspiring. These could not have been designed and executed, without the advance in the field of structural engineering and foundation engineering, which arc the products of modern technological development.

Technology is related to the different elements of a building and their interactions, and is closely aligned with advances in building science.